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Below are additional services that we offer at Manner Plating.

They range from passivation to ultrasonic cleaning.

Passivation of Stainless Steel

Our most on-demand of additional services!

A couple specifications that we currently work with are

ASTM: A967/A967M-13

200011 Rev. N

Johnson/Evinrude Spec #3

Rockwell Automation 40001-008-01 and 4001-400-02

Baking of High Tensile Components

Our oven is on site so your parts never leave our location!

Wax or Clear Sealer

Sealers give salt spray protection for up to 96 hours

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Temperature Controlled Baths.

We have multiple temperature controlled cleaning baths.

Some typical parts that we have been requested to clean are medical components.

We use a FDA water soluble soap

No solvents.

Stripping Metal

Sometimes a customers needs are for parts to be stripped of the metal.

Price will be quoted by pound.

Degreasing Parts

Some parts just need to be degreased and we can do that too!

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